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2023 'China Natural Oxygen Bar' homestay promotion plan officially launched

Date: 2023-03-20

Recently, the 2023 "China Natural Oxygen Bar" homestay promotion plan, a large-scale public welfare activity sponsored by the China Meteorological Service Association, jointly participated by the local government in the creation of natural oxygen bars, and supported by the "Special Fund for the Realization of Climate Ecological Value", was officially launched. The activity aims to upgrade the business format of oxygen bar homestays, empower rural revitalization, and promote high-quality development of the green economy.

It is understood that the plan provides technical support for oxygen bar homestays through the establishment of a national oxygen bar homestay promotion platform, an oxygen bar premium high-end exhibition and marketing platform, the selection of typical oxygen bar homestay demonstrations, the sponsorship of "weather traveler equipment" by enterprises, the creation of a characteristic "oxygen bar courtyard", and the launch of a "Four Hour Oxygen Bar" special program on CCTV, which is also a comprehensive "bonus" in tourism and weather services. Currently, many enterprises have actively participated in the improvement plan of homestay.